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Bloxx Motors is an automobile manufacturing company in the Roblox Automotive Industry. It was founded on July 28, 2014 by Iamhewe3 at Build and Race: Resort by Irradiant.

Bloxx Motors currently manufacturers sedans, SUVs, micro cars, and electric vehicles. Every vehicle built by Bloxx Motors has its own signature design that Bloxx Motors has developed and improved since founding.

History Edit

In 2014, Bloxx Motors was founded at Build and Race: Resort. The 2014 Bloxx Motors E-Trek was Bloxx Motor's first vehicle. Months later came the Min-e which was a micro-car with one seats. It was the most suitable car for a crowded city or tight areas. In September 2014, the 2014 Bloxx Motors Aezon was released as a large luxury sedan. The 2014 Aezon featured a sporty and luxurious design with loads of technology in the interior. It had a touchscreen multimedia system in the center and two screens for rear passengers. The 2014 Xen (previously named X) was released in October 2014 as a large SUV. It had a similar design though it was much more taller and wider and was more offroad capable.

Past Vehicles Edit

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E-Trek: Edit

  • The 2014 Bloxx Motors E-Trek was an electric multi-purpose vehicle two-door coupe that was built in Build and Race: Resort. The E-Trek was the first vehicle that Bloxx Motors has manufactured. The E-Trek was also Bloxx Motor's first electric vehicle built.
  • Slight redesigns were made in mid-September 2014 for the E-Trek. 2014.5 was the new model year for the E-Trek after the first 2014 model year. Major changes for MY2014.5 were in the vehicle's design. The rear of the E-Trek was added new tail-lights and improved aerodynamic design. Several accessories were added such as roof rails and rear washers. The interior of the vehicle had greatly improved since the the first model year in a brief amount of time.

Min-e: Edit

  • Bloxx Motors built the Min-e in 2014 as a subcompact/economy car for city driving, parking and maneuvering.The Min-e had great handling due to it's vehicle width span. Shortly after the vehicle release, Bloxx Motors determined that the vehicle had no particular use at the resort and decided to discontinue the Mine-e.
2014 Aezon Rear

Aezon: Edit

  • The 2014 Aezon [pronounced ah-zahn] was built in Build & Race: Resort, as a large luxury sedan. The design and interior was a balance between sport and luxury. The Aezon came with loads of interior technology features and had an excellent crash safety record.
  • The redesigned 2015 Aezon was unveiled and released on week two of January 2015. Roblox updates caused multiple issues on the 2015 model year 5 months after its release. Bloxx Motors addressed these problems and issued an update.
  • The 2016 model year Aezon was discontinued in Summer 2016. Parts for the 2015-2016 model year are still available at Bloxx Motor's inventory.

Xen: Edit

  • First generation Xen [pronounced 'zen'] was a large SUV built in Build & Race: Resort. The Xen had similar design and characteristics of the 2014 Aezon.
  • The model year 2015 & 2016 Xen was lower in height but had more technology than the previous generation Xen. It was complete with an fully detailed interior. During manufacturing, the Xen experienced major issues due to the Roblox updates similar to what Bloxx Motors

Current Lineup Edit

Bloxx Mtors Phton

Photon: Edit

  • The Photon was released on July 18, 2015 as a successor to the Min-e. It is an subcompact/economy car just like the Min-e. It is much more smaller in length, and wider and taller than the Min-e.
  • For the 2017 model year, an EV version was built with slight design changes from the non-electric version. The Photon and Photon EV was released on October 15, 2016.
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Inception: Edit

  • The Inception is a midsized luxury sedan unveiled by Bloxx Motors on January 6, 2016 for the 2016 model year. It is one of the first Bloxx Motors vehicle to be equipped with a Inspare SS chassis.
  • Slight design changes were made for the 2017 model year and was released on October 15, 2016.

Trekk: Edit

  • The Trekk is a compact SUV unveiled by Bloxx Motors at Forest Plains on July 3, 2016 for the 2017 model year. The Trekk was released on October 15, 2016.
  • (Reserved for 2018 release)
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Cadence: Edit

  • The new Cadence was introduced by Bloxx Motors on August 29, 2016 for the 2017 model year as a compact sedan. The Cadence was released on October 15, 2016.
  • (Reserved for 2018 release)

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