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29th November 2015




Park Avenue

Area Served

Global, mainly UK

Key People




Daxton is a new car company similar to Land Rover. They currently make the Daxton Ranger, however will make more cars in the near future.

Models Edit

Daxton Ranger Edit

  • Classic
  • Luxi
  • Luxi Sport

Description Edit

The Daxton Ranger is a 7 seater SUV, costing £32,600 to £38,200. It is a 4x4 designed for the off-road.

Future Models Edit

Daxton Evance Edit

  • Classic
  • Evo
  • Luxi

Description Edit

The Daxton Evance is a super high-tech SUV with 5 seats. It is designed for the roads, not like the off-road Ranger. The Evance comes in 3 modelss: Classic, the base model, costing £27,350. Evo, costing £31,900, with full leather seats, SatNav, NiteSpy night vision, sensors to automatically open doors and much more. Luxi, costing 34,400, with a panoramic sunroof and other comforts.

Daxton Marin Edit

  • Gyro
  • Gyro Sport

Description Edit

The Daxton Marin has 2 seats and costs £23,900 for the Gyro, and £25,200 for the Gyro Sport. Is is a 4x4 rugged ATV.

Daxton Citigo Edit

  • Evo
  • Next

Description Edit

The Daxton Citigo is a 5 seat ultra compact city car, available in two flavours: The Evo, with 2 door, costs £16,000. The Next, similar to the Evo, however is an Electric car. It costs £18,200.

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