ROBLOX Auto Show 2012




May 19-20, 2012


CF Motors, KZ Automobiles, Blue Motors, Roblox Motors Company, Sokudo Motors, Ikeda Motors, AJ's Engines, Avanta Car Company, Folstak Motors and Grandeur Automobiles.

ROBLOX Auto Show 2012, hosted by HKS23, was the first succesful major auto show on ROBLOX. It had many companies participating and had more than 300 visits in two days although the most recent show, Design & Style achieved 150 visits more than this in the first day alone. ? This shows how much the auto industry is expanding.

The ShowEdit

Here is a list of all cars showcased at the show. (This list is currently under construction.)

Roblox Motors CompanyEdit

CF MotorsEdit

CF E-Type RWD Concept, ? CF Fedelta D-10 Dalin Concept, CF Grand Tourer Mk1, CF Vertigo Concept, CF 300C, CF Caveletta Mk4 Concept

Blue MotorsEdit

2013 BMC Lextur Concept, 2013 BMC Diminutive Concept, 2013 BMC Jupiter Concept, 2013 BMC Resor Concept, 2013 BMC Arvatki Raw Exterior Concept

KZ AutomobilesEdit

KZ Scene, KZ Verve Annual Edition, KZ Lucid, KZ Zeal

Folstak MotorsEdit

Ikeda MotorsEdit

(Removed from the show)

Sokudo MotorsEdit

Avanta Car CompanyEdit

AJ's Engines Edit


On May 19, at 9:00 AM EDT, when the show was scheduled to open, HKS23 announced that the show would be delayed 30 minutes. 15 minutes later, HKS23 announced that the show had been cancelled, because the place was always freezing as a result of having too many parts, and when it didn't freeze, it wouldn't upload. There was frustration and anger at the CF Motors HQ, so Blueice506 and unknown7890 started negotiations with HKS23, who gave the password of the RAS2012 account to Blue, who had a very fast computer. Blueice506 also encountered many problems and became frustrated, but was more successful with the place than HKS23. Blue managed to get the KZ stand in (though had to remove AJ's Engines and Ikeda Motors, who were inactive companies, from the show.), and fix up a few things. Blueice506 was able to upload the show, and around 11 AM EDT, the show opened.

Due to these problems, Blueice506 only planned to have the major companies at the Sunshine Auto Show 2012 - unfortunately, due to similar problems, this show did not go ahead either. Design&Style Fall Autoshow, however, did.