ROBLOX International Motor Show
The RIMS convention center.


KZ Corporate


January 4th - January 12th 2014.


KZ Automobiles Headquarters


Blue Motors, KZ Automobiles, CF Motors, Valor Motors, Roblox Motors Company (RMC), Grandeur Automobiles, Noobington Motors, Emmerian Motors, JM Motors, Sokudo Motors, Rivion [Automotive], and Trimp Auto

Billing Address

100 W Automobile Avenue Rivergate, Newbloxe, RB(A), 5545

ROBLOX International Motor Show 2014 was held between January 4th and January 12th, 2014, hosted by Inventivist. At the end of the show, it had racked up nearly 6,000 visits and got on the ROBLOX Facebook page.

The ShowEdit

Here's a list of the companies showcased at the show.


Blue Motors

KZ Automobiles

CF Motors

Valor Motors

Roblox Motors Company (RMC)

Grandeur Automobiles

Noobington Motors

Sokudo Motors

Emmerian Motors

JM Motors

Rivion [Automotive]

Trimp Auto




Vector Motors

B Motors




Segar Motor Company

Legrand Motors

C Motors


Maybe partially due to a sizeable advertising campaign, RIMS2014 did very well. By the end of the show, it had gotten approximately 6,000 visits, and ended up on the ROBLOX Facebook page. The advertising budget for it ended up at around 57,000 TIX, and did very well in attracting new people to see what the auto industry had to offer. Hopefully RIMS can pave the way for future auto shows to get even more attention.

Video Edit

-3D- Team Elite Video 201458:27

-3D- Team Elite Video 2014.1- RIMS 2014

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