ROBLOX International Motor Show 2015 was an auto show event that was hosted by Aeuri that took place in the first half of January 2015. The featured companies included: Blue Motors, KZ Automobiles, CF Motors, Sokudo Motors, Noobington Automotive, Grandeur Automobiles, Emmerian Motors, Trimp Auto, Dragonite Automotive, Enjin Motor Company, Cyborg Automotive, Lyden Motor Company, Krypton Motors and Avanta Car Company. It featured an interactive booth from Inspare and there was several company booths in another building. It was featured in a YouTube video that was recorded and produced by a Wikia/Fandom user in which you can watch below. Another Roblox user took screenshots of the event in which it's featured below the video in the article.

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-3D- RDK 3000 VIDEO 2015

-3D- RDK 3000 VIDEO 2015.1- RIMS 2015

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