Sunshine Auto Show 2012






Blue Motors Convention Center


Blue Motors, KZ Automobiles, CF Motors, Roblox Motors Company, Folstak Motors, Robo Motors, Avanta Car Company, Radical Ridez


Suit Up Motorsports

Sunshine Auto Show 2012 was to be hosted by Blueice506 at the Blue Motors Convention Center. The show was later cancelled due to Blueice506 have too many issues in real life.


As ROBLOX Auto Show 2012 had many problems, Blueice506 decided to allow only major car companies with a limited amount of cars showcased.


The original date for the show was June 17-18, but it was delayed as the show was unfinished.

It next date was July 7-8, but it was again delayed for the same reason.

And again on July 14.

The next date was July 21-22, but before the day came Blueice506 decided not to set a date until the show was ready. The date would then be set to the next weekend.


In early October, due to being grounded in real life since August, Blueice506 finally decided to cancel Sunshine Auto Show 2012, as the unknown7890's Design & Style Auto Show was coming up soon in mid-November.

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