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Background information Edit

SuperChassis (or SC for short), is a modification of OpenChassis/ATS chassis (that Zephyred built). SuperChassis was developed by EliteXKryptor, who is now RDKTSR. SuperChassis adds and improves compartments that was featured on other chassis, including steerAssist and velocityAssist. There have also been experiments with fuel consumption on SuperChassis. SuperChassis comes in different versions:

  •     SuperChassis Base, A base version of SuperChassis (chassis kit available)
  •     SuperChassis Fuel Cell, a hydrogen fuel cell version (chassis kit to be released)
  •     SuperMoto, based on SuperChassis for motorbikes (to be developed in 2017)
  •     SuperChassis EV, an electric vehicle version of SuperChassis (chassis kit available)
  •     SuperChassis PHEV, a plug-in hybrid version of SuperChassis (chassis kit available)

SuperChassis baseEdit

SuperChassis base is a base version of SuperChassis. It features all the features of ATS/DynDS, with steerAssist, autoSignal, fuel simulation, more keyboard shortcuts and more. Chassis kit is available in


SuperChassis X was going to be a stripped-down version of SuperChassis, mainly on driving functionality. SuperChassis X was going to be suitable for cars that needs without the extra bells and whistles. SuperChassis X was designed to work with DynDS, DynamicKZ and CyOS overlays. Development of SuperChassis X has been scrapped in latter half of 2016


SuperMoto will work the same way as SuperChassis (expect the propulsion system) but it is developed specifically for motorbikes. A prototype example was a customized 2014 Enjin Kouta in which it was converted from SSb (motorbike variant of SS3)

SuperChassis EV/FCVEdit

SuperChassis EV is a version of SuperChassis to simulate an electric vehicle. Key features of SuperChassis EV is using only electric power to power the vehicle. Tachometer is replaced with a power meter and features charge simulation, regenerative braking, and battery state of charge gauge along with EV distance. Chassis kit is available. A hydrogen fuel cell chassis consists of SC EV but electricity is powered using a fuel cell and hydrogen fuel is used.

SuperChassis PHEVEdit

SuperChassis PHEV combines SuperChassis base and SuperChassis EV to make a chassis for both worlds. Along with electric drive, hybrid drive, and engine drive, the chassis features Active Fuel Management to use less cylinders to save fuel. Regenerative braking is also featured, and as well as eCharge (to charge the hybrid battery while driving) manual shifting (when in Power, Engine and eCharge mode) and series/parallel hybrid driving. Chassis kit is available.


SuperChassis is exclusively added to the Zapax III series and Zapax IV SC series. When ATS and DynDS got released, RDKTSR was attempting to work on iEV and iFuel, addons for ATS and DynDS. iFuel was never developed and iEV was in developmental stages but when RDKTSR tested it out, the vehicle did not accelerate. iSteer was developed as a standalone product for steerAssist as it was designed to be powered solely by VehicleSeat. iVelocity was a standalone product in concept stages that was designed to be VehicleSeat powered, adjusted by vehicle speed. iSteer and iVelocity projects has been cancelled in 1H 2015. On Wednesday 2015.02.04-We, SuperChassis 3 series has been developed as RDKTSR added the core features of ATS and DynDS into SuperChassis 3 series along with features that was carried over from SuperChassis 2.5 series. SuperChassis 3 was released in Q1 2015 in PHEV, EV and base models. The SC 3.3 series featured some new things like mouse steering, rear view camera and active fuel management, as well as neon light support, and a few extras. SuperChassis 3.36 features optional sound options, plus turbo gauge feature, and non-surfacegui gauges, plus anti-roll (from ATS 1.5.2). SuperChassis 3.4, to be developed, will have GUI refresh, and will have APIs for RGO Infotainment system like hybrid energy flow, consumption information and history, plus external add-ons. SuperChassis 3.5 was a soft release and only featured improvements and fixes. SuperChassis 3.6 will feature semi-auto gearing for ICE-based chassis (SC PHEV, SC BASE) and will no longer feature steer-assist, velocity-assist and VS-boost. Version 4 of SuperChassis is expected to include different propulsion system similar to V-Chassis or SS3.XX system.

Competition Edit

It is confirmed that a developer named Aerodos12 from Arovinoea Industries developed YavinChassis in which according to its article, It is believed to be a combination of SuperChassis, ATS/DynDS/OpenChassis, Inspare's SS3.34/SS3.57/SS4/SS5, Inspare's R-Chassis/A-Chassis, Cyborg's CyOS, DynamicKZ and/or standard vehicleseat. It features fuel and charge simulation, plus others.