Vector Motors was founded in October of 2013 by CruzerX360, striving for performance and quality. The company is known for its super cars, but it also builds vehicles for the mass market.

Vector Motors
Vector Symbol


Privately Owned, Open to Public

Range of Vehicles

Military Vehicles, Sedans, Luxury, Muscle, Sports cars, Supercars

Date Established

October 22, 2013


Important People

CruzerX360 (CEO) ChampDeLaBlox (Co-owner) HiLyfe (Head Manager) ABilly05 (Senior Developer)


The Founding of Vector MotorsEdit

CruzerX360 first attempted to build automobiles by founding Delata Motor Cars, very inept at car building. Despite this, he continued with it and eventually created the Delata Aventador, a mid-engine sports car. After building the Aventador, Cruzer felt that he would not be able to sell cars very well. He then built the JD Coupe, which was respectable in its own right, but yet still substandard to the Aventador. Cruzer then received one custom order for it, which was from ABilly05. The order stated that he wanted a wide bodykit with a racing wing. This inspired Cruzer to build supercars. Delata soon fell apart so Cruzer decided to found a new company: Vector Motors. 

It is said that Vector received its name after Championvsloser122 (now ChampDeLaBlox), a close friend of Cruzer, helped come with the name while building the HQ for the new company after he saw a V-shaped fence in front of the HQ parking lot. "I wish we had a company with a V in it," were the words he spoke. Cruzer replied "When I get Builder's Club, I should start a company with the first letter as V." He suddenly decided on the name "Vector."

Current LineupEdit

Vector has 25 members as of August 18, 2015, and it continues to grow. Vector Motors now manufactures 15 models, including:

Super CarsEdit

2014 Vector Motors Forte

2014 Vector Motors Forte [WY9R]

Muscle CarsEdit

2014 Vector Reign

Tuner CarsEdit

2013 Vector Motors Exploit


2014 Vector Motors Phinx

2014 Vector Motors Ruby

2012 Vector GS250


2014 Vector Motors Felix

SUV's and EstatesEdit

2014 Vector Motors Fortune Platinum

2014 Vector Motors Travel Estate

2014 Vector Motors Travel Estate [Elite]

2013 Vector Motors Travel Estate

Light TrucksEdit

2014 Vector Motors Scout

2014 Vector Motors Scout Off-Road Edition

Military VehiclesEdit

2014 Vector Motors HMV-1 Military Reconissance

Concepts Edit

These are the concepts planned for production in the near future:

Hyper CarsEdit

2016 Vector Motors Hypervenom

2016 Vector Motors V50 Carsonmann Lemans GT1, GT2, GT3, GT4 and GT5

2015 Vector Motors V50 Carsonmann

2015 Vector Motors Renegade

2016 Vector Nova

Super CarsEdit

2016 Vector Motors Re Della Velocita/Regina Della Velocita

201X Vector Lorenzo

201X Vector GT-R

Sports CarsEdit

2016 Vector Dream